evan allen

Evan C. Allen, M.D.


Dr. Evan Allen offers medical care and treatment at Total Care Family Practice in Henderson, Nevada. From physicals to body sculpting and heart disease, Dr. Allen provides a broad range of services for patients to help them stay as healthy and happy as possible. Dr. Allen earned his medical degree from Loma Linda University Medical School and completed his residency at Travis Air Force Base, located in Fairfield, California. When he graduated, he received the Goff-Hougas award. Dr. Allen served in the Air Force during this time and spent two years after graduation at Nellis Air Force Base. After achieving the rank of Major in the Air Force, Dr. Allen focused on providing medical care in clinics in southern Nevada. Dr. Allen served as Director of Primary Care at Fremont Medical Centers before deciding to open his private practice. Total Care Family Practice, which opened in June 2007, has grown considerably over the years under the guidance of Dr. Allen. As one of the top family physicians in the U.S., he’s fully committed to providing families with the care they need. Dr. Allen is fluent in English, Spanish, and some Turkish. He also speaks German to a limited degree. When he’s not providing care for patients at his clinic, he watches football and basketball. He also enjoys staying active by playing racquetball and expanding his knowledge by studying biology, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and history’s classical period. Dr. Allen is the author of “Oversaturated: A Guide to Conversations about Fats with Your Patients” For more information please go to: https://www.totalcarefp.com/