andrew pace

Andrew Pace

Andrew Pace is the founder and owner of the GDC/Building For Health® in Waukesha, WI. He launched the company in 1992 and is now the premier retailer of green and healthy home building and improvement products and consulting in the US.

Pace has become a nationally recognized expert on green and healthy building products. Along with being profiled in numerous publications, Pace has authored several articles about the construction of healthy homes, which have been published in regional and national magazines, and has successfully assisted over 25,000 homeowners with their home remodeling and new home construction projects.

Pace is a past board member of the USGBC-WI Affiliate and is a two-time president of the Construction Specifications Institute-Milwaukee Chapter and a current board member of the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology.

Andrew produces a weekly podcast called Non Toxic Environments, where he and his co-host Jay Watts from AFM Safecoat, discuss all aspects of healthy, sustainable building practices.

Specialties: Healthy building product expert, green design, green retail merchandising, LOHAS