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1. The Real Truth About Health Brings Together The World's Top Experts on Health, Nutrition And The Environment To Give You The Most Important Life Saving Health Information Ever Discovered.

2. We Record Thousands Of Hours Of Brand New Individual And Group Lectures From Unbiased Medical Doctors, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Scientists, Professors, Authors And Researchers To provide you with Lifesaving Information - Unbiased By Industry, Political Influence, Or Companies Trying To Sell You Something.

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4. We Watch All The Lectures So You Don’t Have To So That You Don’t Miss Out Just Because You Don't Have The Time To Do This All Yourself.

5. After We Record All of These Lectures, We Review All Of Our Notes And Organize Them By Topic.

6. We Then Carefully Create New Documentary Videos, Broken Down By Topic, To Save YouHuge Amounts Of Time In Finding Exactly What You're Looking For.

7. For Example: If From Our Lectures We Find 250 Different Clips On Diabetes, We Will Take The 25 Most Important Ones And Create A New Video DocumentaryOn Diabetes.

8. We Take The Most Important Video Clips And Create A New Video Documentary On All The Health Topics And Diseases You Care About.

9. This Way, You're Not Stuck Having To Go Through Hundreds Of Hours Of Content To Find The Most Pertinent Info On Diabetes You're Looking For ~ We've Done The Work For You.

10. We Don't Stop There. We Make Separate Documentary Videos For All The Different Disease And Health Topics You Are Looking For.

11. This Means That For Every Major Disease And Health Topic, We Have A Specific Documentary Video That Features The Very Best Information On The Topic You Choose From The World's Top Experts.

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14. We Find The World's Top Authors, Doctors And Scientists On Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimers, Obesity, Arthritis, Parkinsons, And Other Urgent Health Conditions.

15. The Real Truth About Health Has No Advertisers, No Sponsors, And Sells No Products ~ Which Means We Have No Influence From Anyone Trying To Sell You Anything.

16. Updated Health Information You Can Really Count On - Delivered To You In A Fraction Of The Time It Would Take For You To Try And Find This All On Your Own.

17. The PREMIUM Membership Club Will Have Over 50 Health Documentaries Featuring Over 100 Health Experts From Recent Lectures.

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