Paul Shapiro

Paul Shapiro

Paul Shapiro, author of the national bestseller Clean Meat (2018)

When Paul Shapiro took his first bite of clean meat in 2014, more humans had gone into space than had eaten real meat grown outside an animal. In addition to being among the world’s first clean meat consumers, Paul is a five-time TEDx speaker (latest 2023 talk here!), the host of the Business for Good Podcast, the CEO of The Better Meat Co., and long-time leader in food sustainability.

In 2023, he was named as a Most Admired CEO by the Sacramento Business Journal.

Paul’s published hundreds of articles in publications ranging from daily newspapers to academic journals. Paul lives in Sacramento, California with his wife Toni Okamoto, author and founder of Plant-Based on a Budget, and their very friendly pit bull Eddie. Clean Meat (2018) is his first book, is a Washington Post bestseller, and has been translated into seven languages. You can read more about Paul’s work and contact him at

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