In a world where chronic disease is rapidly rising, the planet is becoming unsustainable and the very food we eat is filled with poisons, turning a blind eye is not the answer. Yet, so many political leaders, the mainstream media and even the world's health authorities are not facing the truth behind these threats. Why? Because financial gain holds influence over their decisions and the policies.

That's why The Real Truth About Health was born. To find the truth tellers, bring them together in one place, on one trusted platform, to bring you the most up-to-date, most important and most trustworthy information on health, nutrition, the food system, the medical system and the environment. With the sole purpose of keeping you and your family truthfully informed, protected, and proactive in maintaining the healthiest lifestyle possible. Our commitment to you is remaining unbiased by financial influence - that's why we sell no products. Our only mission is to bring the world's leading, unbiased experts on health, nutrition and the environment together in one place to give you a news source you can trust, and help you attain the most life saving information available in the most concise and shortest amount of time possible.


1. People telling the truth without being influenced by financial gain.
2. Full transparency regarding medical information, medical research, and clinical trials, with no financial ties or monetary influence.
3. Full transparency regarding health, nutrition, food and nutritional supplements with no financial ties or monetary influence.
4. Eating whole organic foods with much of it raw for the best health and nutrition.
5. Animals being treated properly and not raised for food.
6. Complete access to nutritional supplements with no restrictions.
7. Organic agriculture and the strongest organic standards that avoid chemically intensive farming.
8. Exposing potential health risks from the use of GMOs and related technologies
9. Original heirloom variety seeds as opposed to hybridized and genetically modified seeds.
10. Wired technology that is safer than the unknowns of wireless and 5g's potentially
adverse health consequences.
11. Getting unbiased news with no conflicts of interest - monetary or otherwise.
12. Stopping climate change, natural resource depletion, and the destruction of our planet
13. Stopping the overuse and misuse of chemicals and pesticides that adversely affect our health and the planet.
14. Stopping Censorship of health information and natural health approaches that prevent people from learning and deciding for themselves what to believe, what to eat, what to use to heal, and what to put on, in, or near their body.
15. Honest government agencies that are not captured by the industries they are supposed to regulate