Suzie Senk

Suzie Senk

Suzie Senk is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Sleep Specialist, Speaker, Author and Mother. She offers integrative solutions to modern day sleep challenges, and helps people of all ages get a better night’s sleep quickly and easily.

She creates personalized, developmentally-appropriate gentle sleep solutions for families with young children, and profound yet practical custom wellness programs for teens and adults.

Suzie is known for using her intuitive, empathic abilities and her depth of experience and knowledge to help her clients create powerful, heart centered, lasting changes in their sleep, health and outlook on life.
Suzie is frequently interviewed on countless topics related to Sleep and Health and is a passionate and uplifting speaker dedicated to helping others thrive on all levels.

For Suzie, health is the cornerstone of a life worth living, and she has dedicated her career to helping others reclaim theirs. Suzie lives on the island of Kauai, HI with her family, and savors all of life’s precious moments ~ watching her sons grow, the sounds of the rain, and the taste of perfectly ripe fruit.

It is Suzie’s mission to educate people about the importance of sleep for overall health and vitality and she offers free introductory consults to anyone in need of her help. You can schedule a consult, sign up to receive her free gifts and learn more about her by going to her website: